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Sweet Pea Mix

Sweet peas are well loved for their early, prolific blooms and climbing habit, but the wonderful fragrance of certain varieties is sometimes overlooked. Here at Sky, we carry a large selection of sweet peas, including many that have been bred for fragrance as well as beauty.

'Cupani’s Original’ is a beautiful heirloom variety, a hardy strain of the very first cultivated sweet pea. It sports very fragrant, bicolor maroon and purple flowers on 6-8 foot vines. 'Kings High Scent' is one of the most fragrant varieties available, and its cream-colored flowers edged in delicate violet are lovely. Another variety with a long history, 'Painted Lady,' was first cultivated in the 18th century. The beautifully scented, pink and white flowers are especially densely clustered for a showy display. The sweetly scented flowers of 'America' are densely striped in cream and red for a stunning, unique effect. We also carry several beautiful, fragrant mixes. 'Old Spice' mix is a collection of heat-tolerant, classically fragrant heirloom varieties in shades of cream, pink, and purple. The white, red, and purple blooms of 'Royal Family' mix are large and showy. 'Melody' mix offers a blend of seven solid colors and bicolors for a diverse, colorful array.

Now is the time to transplant sweet peas for beautiful flowers that can last all summer long. The Pacific Northwest, with our rainy springs and mild summers, is the perfect place for these cool-weather plants, which makes them easy to grow in the right conditions. Plant sweet peas in a sunny location in nutrient-rich soil, provide plenty of water during the heat of summer, and don’t forget a sturdy trellis to support the 5-8 foot vines. Given the right conditions, sweet peas will provide vigorous, beautiful, and often fragrant blooms, perfect for cutting or simply enjoying in the garden, all summer long.



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